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Appliances Repairs

Home appliances are a major part of our life. They can make all household chores easy, fast, and they can help you save time and energy. One major downside with these appliances is that no matter how you clean and maintain your appliances, they are bound to break down at some point.

Has your fridge, freezer or washing machine stopped working? Does your dishwasher leave your plates dirty? Or does your tumble dryer singe your clothes?  Don’t worry, we have a quick and efficient solution for all these problems.

Our appliance repair network have the skills and experience to repair all appliance types. We also have access to a vast array of spare parts, so repairing your appliances and putting your mind at rest as quickly as possible, is what we do best.

When it comes to finding an appliance repair company you can trust in your home, ANS meets all the qualifications. We are committed to our work so we leave no trace. This is why our network contains only highly qualified professionals you can depend on.

We specialise in Washing Machine Repair, Washer Dryer Repair, Tumble Dryer Repair, Fridge Repair, Freezer Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Oven and Hob Repair and Electric Oven and Stove Repair.

As experts, we know that there is no convenient time for your appliance to break down as they can perform poorly anytime, no matter the level of maintenance. That is why our network of expert technicians are on standby to always provide the exceptional quality appliance repair service you deserve.

Getting your defective or faulty home appliances fixed with our professional appliance repair service will not only bring back convenience for you, it will also keep your entire house safe from the dangers of fire and electric shocks.

Keep your appliances running smoothly. Call ANS Repairs today!