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Five Common Reasons For Your Fridge Freezer To Stop Working

At ANS Repairs, we’ve got over 40 years of appliance repair under our belt! If you’re having problems with your fridge freezer, here’s some helpful tips on how to get it back up and running for free.

My fridge/freezer is icing up

Answer: Make sure you have a good strong seal round door gaskets. Never put warm items in your Fridge or Freezer.

My fridge/freezer is not cold enough

Answer: Check you thermostat setting, if you have just loaded the appliance then this will take appliance longer to cool down.

My fridge/freezer is leaking water

Answer: Make sure the drain channel is clear.

My fridge/freezer is making a bad smell

Answer: Make sure the drain channel is clear, also check your bottle shelves to make sure they are clean and no liquid residue has solidified.

If you have tried these handy hints and you are still having trouble with your appliance then please give us a ring and we can arrange to send one of our experienced engineers to you to fix the problem.

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