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Five Common Reasons For Your Washing Machine To Stop Working

At ANS Repairs, we’ve got over 40 years of appliance repair knowledge! If you’re having problems with your washing machine, here’s some helpful tips on how to get it back up and running for free.

My washing machine is leaking water

Answer: Check that all the main water hoses are properly connected. Make sure there is nothing stopping the door seal from making a good connection when closing the door. Make sure the soap dispenser is clean especially on the top (where the drawer slides in) if necessary use a tooth brush to clean.

My washing machine is noisy

Answer: Make sure your appliance is 100% level and all feet are making contact with your floor. Check that there are no coins, bottle tops or bra wires (one of the most common reasons for noise) stuck in the drum holes. Don’t overload the appliance: split one load into two smaller loads. This also makes for better wash results!

My washing machine smells bad

Answer: Make sure the door seal is absolutely clean. Do a 90 degree wash once a fortnight with no items in drum.

I’m getting poor wash results

Answer: Don’t overload you appliance with clothes,  short cycle smaller washes will produce better results than large load long washes.

My washing machine isn’t draining

Answer: Check the drain filter is clean, make sure your main drain under the sink is also clear.

If you have tried these handy hints and you are still having trouble with your appliance then please give us a ring and we can arrange to send one of our experienced engineers to you to fix the problem.

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